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Patch 2.3: some PvP cloaks please, with a Hunter melee weapon on the side

David Bowers

In one of the rarest turnarounds I've ever seen on the forums, a couple of posters made doom and gloom posts with titles like "Tom Chilton doesn't care about healer people!" -- apparently because the developers didn't make a special PvP cloak available in the game. So then Tom Chilton, posting as the fearsome lich Kalgan, comes right back at them and says "one PvP healing cloak, coming right up!" followed by, "would you like fries with that?"

No that's not actually what he said... but close enough. He really said:

There's a PvP healing cloak in patch 2.3. The vital stats are...

34 stam
15 int
16 spell crit
23 resil
+51 healing / +17 spell dmg
But one poster objected that spell crit wasn't as handy to healers as mana/5sec ... so he changed it!
Fair enough, the cloak now has 6 mana/5sec instead of the spell crit. Enjoy!
I know. You're thinking, "if only every change was that easy," right? Actually, today it is. Read on...

There are several other new items coming up, too! First the DPS PvP cloaks:

Well here it is (also patch 2.3)!

34 Stam
20 Crit
20 Resil
46 AP
112 Armor Penetration

34 Stam
15 Int
16 Spell Crit
23 Resil
+27 Spell Damage/Heal
And finally, a melee weapon just for hunters:
Yes, there's a Vengeful Gladiator's Waraxe

62 Stam
46 Crit
33 Resil
15 Hit
92 AP
98 Armor Penetration

Cost: 1000 arena points (no rating requirement)
Some of you may be wondering why this kind of thing is just coming out now. Why didn't they add in more healer items earlier on?
Early on we had a philosophy that we wouldn't put tanking gear or full sets of healing gear on the pvp vendors since at the time there were concerns that players would feel like it was advantageous to pvp in order to get gear to beat raid content.

Turns out that philosophy mostly sucked (although we're holding onto the no-tanking gear part of it), so we fully itemize for healing in PvP gear now and rely on resilience to make it pvp-specific enough that it won't be considered ultimate raid gear.
Yep. That's Blizzard admitting that their previous philosophy "sucked." Is this Blizzard finally opening up and immediately responding to player concerns? Or have these items actually been under development for a while, only now becoming open to the public? Does it matter, as long as there's sparkly treasure coming up in patch 2.3?

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