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iPod Therapy: Bringing your backup failures into the open


We've all done it. We've taken our music for granted. We've skipped backups, misplaced our original CDs, or stored our music exclusively on a work computer--which inevitably gets upgraded and wiped by Intern Bob when we're not looking. My friend Allison wrote me the other day after her husband Scott suffered from the iPod perfect storm: laptop with his entire unbacked iTunes library at the shop for repairs, possibly to be returned wiped clean, and the "restore with iTunes" message on the iPod. Yikes.

This morning Dave Caolo and I were talking about these iPod backup failures--the business computer example comes from one of his stories--and wondering what kind of music failures our readers have experienced over the lives of their iPods. So we're opening up this post's comment thread as a form of iPod therapy. Come and share your iPod music tragedies with us.

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