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iTrain, an NYC Subway guide on the iPhone


Reader Roger Kenny tipped us off to his cool site for iPhone-using New York Subway travelers. We've seen iPhone subway maps for New York before, and of course Google Maps is always available on the iPhone, but Roger's site goes even further. Not only can you see maps of the lines (via links to the MTA's website) and get directions (via HopStop), but he's also put together an RSS reader that will scroll subway alerts, and other news sites, across the top of your iPhone. If you spend any amount of time navigating New York's subways, it's definitely worth a bookmark.

I wish we had something like it for Chicago. Yes, our El stops (although, strangely enough, while I was writing this story it occurs to me that everyone in Chicago actually calls it "the train"-- I haven't heard it called the El since I moved here) are on Google Maps, but has anyone seen an iPhone "transit portal" for the Windy City? If so, toss it in the comments below, and those of us with big shoulders will thank you.

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