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Pioneer's new Kuro line, the new reference for contrast?

Ben Drawbaugh

If you're the type who's always looking for the best display then you've no doubt heard all about Pioneer's new Kuro line. We know that Kuro means black in Japanese and recent reviews have indicated the name is a perfect fit. With all the things people dislike about CRTs, they've long since been the reference when it comes to contrast. It appears that might change now with the latest reviews showing that the kuro line has better contrast -- in at least one regard. Home Theater magazine spent some time with the Pioneer PRO-110FD and discovered that in their three contrast tests, it not only beat every TV they've ever tested, but it down right blew them out of the water by measuring two to three times better than most TVs; and in one test 50% better than any TV they've ever tested. If you haven't had the chance to check out the deep blacks these new sets can produce, then don't! Otherwise your wallet will be a few thousand lighter.

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