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TBS HD carriage deals, have to be some kind of record

Ben Drawbaugh

Most of us have been watching HD for some time, so we've seen our fair share of HD channel launches, and while there are more channels than ever before, TBS HD's ability to get carriage deals has to be some kind of record. If you've been following the site for the past week, then you've noticed that we've had at least one post a week -- maybe more -- about TBS HD getting adding to some provider. And it seems Dish is the only one not carrying the channel at this point when just about everyone else is. We wish all channels were this good at getting out there, -- especially HD capable channels that don't stretch their content -- but we'd really love to know how they did it. Sure MLB baseball playoffs in HD are a pretty big draw, but somehow we doubt that's what it took to get the deal done at the same time and with so many providers.

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