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UK public hungry for cookie games


We're taking this story with a grain of salt and a tall glass of milk. According to a press release from Data Design Interactive, two of their four budget Wii titles "already sold out within 3 days of release." Which two games sold out was not specified, but the four released were Ninjabread Man, Billy the Wizard, Anubis II, and Rock & Roll Adventure.

We're going to assume that Ninjabread Man was one of the sellouts, because we kind of want to buy it. The identity of the other one pretty much doesn't matter. But this development leads to two obvious questions:

  1. Why would people who know better (this stuff was already released on PS2) go in for the same kind of punishment again?
  2. How many copies of each game were in the shipment? Four? Five?
Nice to have evidence that third party games can sell on the Wii, we suppose.
[Via NeoGAF]

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