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What's the deal with 24p?

Ben Drawbaugh

It's one buzz word after another in the world of HD and the latest is 24p, but what's the big deal? How can less frames per second be better? Like most things that don't make sense, the reason isn't a good one. Without going into much detail, the reason is because movies have been shot at 24 fps for years and to watch a movie at any other frame rate means there's some funny business going on. The problem is that most TVs can't display video at this rate, so even if your player can, you're probably still watching it at 60hz. Then to top it off, if you don't see any judder now, then why worry about it in the first place? Either way, if you want to try to understand the entire mess, follow the read link over to HighDefDigest and read there comprehensive write-up on What's the Big Deal About 1080p24?

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