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Command & Conquer Saga: the most complete collection since the last one

Jason Dobson

Command & Conquer: The First Decade, EA's comprehensive celebration of all things C&C, packed a lot of value into one box set, offering all 12 games and expansions spanning the series' ten-year existence. The compilation seemed to be all a C&C fan could ask for, though not according to EA, as the company has strangely announced plans to revisit the set less than two years later with Command & Conquer Saga, adding this year's Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars on top of everything else included in The First Decade.

But why stop there? At $50, Saga will admittedly include a lot for players' hard earned credits, but we have to wonder if subsequent C&C games will be likewise bundled into new, even more comprehensive packages shortly after their solo debut. With Tiberium Wars set to suffer Kane's Wrath in early 2008, we fully expect yet another collection to follow in short order. Mark your calendars for Command & Conquer: The Whole Enchilada for release in time for the 2009 holiday rush.

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