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Create your own custom PSP theme

Justin McElroy

If you, like us, have gotten a little tired of the "Cookies" and "ClassyPink" themes on your PSP, you'll be happy to hear that the custom PSP theme creation tool has just been released on Sony's Japanese website. What you will, however, be less excited about is that while the program makes full use of English, the instructions do not.

If you're the sort who's not intimidated by a challenge (or the sort that can read Japanese) feel free to begin crafting your very own Welcome Back Kotter theme*. If you don't mind waiting though, we'd sit tight. We're sure an English download can't be far behind.

*If, for reasons that are an affront to God himself, you wish to base your theme on something other than hilarious 70s hit comedy "Welcome Back Kotter," we're fairly sure that would work too.

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