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InGrid touts "first" all-digital home protection system


InGrid has announced what it claims to be the "first all-digital home protection system" which it says not only "makes traditional home security systems obsolete," but even has the potential to "unleash a multi-million dollar revenue opportunity for broadband service providers in the future." While that remains to be seen, the system certainly looks to at least have the goods to keep your house relatively safe, including 24/7 monitoring from Guardian Protection Services, website access and control, and e-mail and cell phone alerts to warn you of potential dangers. The kit itself (which you install yourself) consists of a console, handset and base unit, along with sensors for your doors and windows, and a key chain remote to arm and disarm the alarm. You'll also have your choice of "Basic" or "Home" kits, the former of which runs $200 and covers 1,500 square feet, while the later will cover a full 2,500 square feet for $300 (additional sensors can also be purchased to cover larger areas). Of course, the kit won't do you a whole lot of good without the monitoring service, which you can expect to $30 a month for.

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