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Patch 2.2.2 is live

Dan O'Halloran

Patch 2.2.2 goes live on the servers today as the Test server shuts down in anticipation of the Zul'Aman Patch 2.3. Included in today's patch is the new world event, Brewfest, which begins when the servers come back up and extends for two weeks until October 16.

Two days after that, on the 18th, Hallow's End kicks into high gear with the new Headless Horseman event that drops some nice loot for those able to battle this new menace as well as the new flying broomstick mount. Hallow's End will also run for two weeks, ending on November 1st.

The notes for the patch are pretty short, just the two events and a list of new graveyards. You can read them after the jump.


  • Brewfest has begun and members of the Horde and Alliance can enjoy a multitude of activities, quests, items, and even Ram Racing. As Brewfest is about beer and food, revelers can sample the best beverages available in the world.
  • Observed by both the Horde and the Alliance, Hallow's End is the celebration of the break between the Forsaken and the Scourge. Adventurers can speak to innkeepers to get silly masks to wear during their adventures, and much more. This is just one way to celebrate Hallow's End. New Holiday World Event: The Headless Horseman has been seen terrorizing local villages.
World Environment
  • Added a new graveyard to the Southern Barrens.
  • Added a new graveyard to the Western Plaguelands.
  • Added a new graveyard to the Alterac Mountains.
  • Added a new graveyard to the Searing Gorge.
  • Added a new graveyard to the Badlands.
  • Added two new graveyards to Tanaris.
  • Added two new graveyards to Winterspring.
  • Added two new graveyards to Stonetalon.
  • Added two new graveyards to Un'Goro.

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