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Rumor time: Bungie leaving MS?


You may have heard a certain rumor floating around the intertubes in the last few hours. It started yesterday when a website by the name of 8Bit Joystick reported that Bungie and Microsoft are parting ways. Yes, you read that correctly. We're going to have to side with our Joystiq mothership on this one: it just ain't that likely. Sure, it's possible that certain Bungie employees may be heading off to seek their fortunes elsewhere (as many have already), but the Bungie name -- at the very least -- is sticking with Microsoft. They own it after all, so it's not going anywhere. Bungie deflected Joystiq's request for comment with their PR ninja skills, but we just find it hard to believe that Bungie is going anywhere but up. Besides, there are still several projects in the works that Bungie has a hand in, including Halo Wars, the Peter Jackson project, new Halo 3 downloadable content, and (probably) Halo 3 for PC. And, let's not forget, Bungie is the single best thing that Microsoft's gaming division has going right now. If Microsoft finally makes a profit on games this quarter, it will be because of Bungie and Halo 3.

Still, an update to the 8Bbit Joystick blog notes that locks are being changed at Bungie Studios. Is it possible? Sure, anything's possible, but it's just too hard to swallow at this point. One way or another, we'll know the truth soon enough.

[Via Joystiq]

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