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Ubisoft apologizes for 'lesbo' use in Scrabble DS


Ubisoft has apparently apologized to customers after the word "lesbo"
was discovered as a proper word to use in Scrabble 2007 for the Nintendo DS. Although the Belfast Telegraph got all uppity about the issue and Ubisoft apologized, the simple fact of the matter is that "lesbo" is an official word in the Chambers Official Scrabble Dictionary. In the game there is a "junior" version that omits offensive words, but lesbo is not considered an offensive word in the Scrabble dictionary. Ubisoft merely apologized if offense was caused, they are not pulling the game.

Ubisoft just seems to be running into language issues lately. Back in June they pulled Mind Quiz over the use of the word "spastic." In case you're wondering, many, many derogatory words are official Scrabble words and therefore make perfect sense as allowable in the game. That's the funny thing about a game based on language, they aren't all going to be happy-shiny fun nice words. Besides, a skillful player would wait until they received the extra "S" for "Lesbos," an island in the Aegean sea.

Update: Faux pas, you can't use Lesbos because it's a proper noun. Fine, then just say it's a plural of the derogatory word, that way it's still kosher, but then you become that pluralizer Scrabble player.

[Via EuroGamer]

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