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Wiimote jackets to cost Nintendo $18M

Justin McElroy

You know that feeling of your first college party, when, far from the supervision of mom and dad and saturated with alcohol, you feel like you could do anything? Like there's no boundary you couldn't cross? When everybody's your friend and there's nothing you wouldn't do for them? That's what it feels like for a corporation to make a bunch of money. Those fat stacks of cash, the Matchbox 20 money if you will, start rolling in, and they're suddenly buying rounds for the whole bar, singing "Margaritaville" at the top of their lungs and putting a frat house worth of tacos on their Visa.

Case in point, IGN's reporting that Nintendo is going to be laying out $18 million to ship Wiimote jackets to all Wii owners. Not so shockingly, Nintendo says that the move won't affect their bottom line. Let this be a lesson to you kids: Have a successful business, but don't let it get too successful, or you could end up buying controller condoms for you and 19,999,999 of your closest friends. Hey, we're not saying we don't appreciate the generosity, we just don't want to be there when their parents get the 18,000-page credit card bill.

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