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Be the ball in Doko Demo Pilates


We're not exactly the best people to ask about Pilates, especially in regards to how it differs from yoga. All we know is that they're both activities that require you to carry a mat around and hurt yourself stretching. That's why, even though we're not exactly the target audience for Konami's Doko Demo Pilates, we're the ideal audience for it. We're fairly doughy and out-of-shape, and we need exercise training in a form we can understand (i.e. on a game cartridge).

And now, looking over these screenshots, we see that Pilates training gives you super powers. Advanced practitioners can manifest enormous scissors, crazy energy waves, and even a gigantic, phantom soccer ball, all through nothing more than positioning one's own body. We cannot even begin to name all the situations in which we wished we could do that. We are in, Konami.

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