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Brewfest Issues [Updated]


Brewfest is currently live in Oceania and the U.S. and so far there have been some issues:

Brewfest didn't start on time.

The setup crew appeared when patch 2.2.2 went live, but the event didn't go live until midnight. Unfortunately for some servers, it didn't go live then as well. It seems that if your realm time is different from the timezone where the server resides, your Brewfest will go live according to the server location time and not the realm time. For example, U.S. East Coast servers that are located on the West Coast had their Brewfests begin at 3am.

The ticket rewards were too high.

Drysc explains:

It appears that quite a few of the hotfixes originally intended to go out with 2.2.2 were not applied properly as the patch went out with the maintenance today. Many of these hotfixes are now being pushed out.

You should now get 2 tickets for each keg you return for the keg delivery quest.
"Bark for the Barleybrews!" quest reward should be 15 tickets.
"There and Back Again" quest reward should be 10 tickets.
"Pink Elekks on Parade" quest reward should be 40 tickets.
You should be limited to 25 "keg protector" buffs.

It doesn't come with a manual.

There is some confusion as to what to do and why Dark Irons are attacking. Tapper Swindlekeg at the entrance to the Orgrimar Brewfest on the Horde side will tell you much of what you need to know. For the Alliance, chat with Ipfelkofer Ironkeg at the Ironforge Brewfest.

You don't get a free stein at the entrance.

You get free beer, but not a free stein. In order to get the stein you must complete the Ram Racing quest and then get a ticket for a souvenir stein. Only then can you drink the beers from the massive kegs at the fest.

Some of the quests may be bugged.

Some people were saying that the Wolpertinger quest may be bugged, but they also may not have been drunk enough. Hopefully that is the case. Let us know if you've had any issues with the quests.

[Update: Both Aeus and Nethaera have announced that Blizzard is looking into the bugged quests and items. Though the Wolpertinger quest seems to be working fine (get more drunk!), the Elekk quest can't be picked up by everyone and there are other issues.

Things to try:

  • Many of the quests are dailies, so if you do them once you can't do them again until the next day.
  • Doing the Ram Races opens up other opportunities, so make sure you get that done at least once.
  • Wave at the Barmaids to get your free sampler mugs to throw at the Dark Iron Dwarves!
Thank you to our commenters for giving us such great info!]

For more info on Brewfest, check out our full coverage. Enjoy the festivities!

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