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Immersion CEO on next-gen rumble and possible Nintendo IP infringement


Immersion CEO Vic Viegas says in an interview with GameDaily that he doesn't understand why Sony decided to put the DualShock 2's rumble technology into the DualShock 3, considering he believes the new next-gen rumble technology is cheaper. Viegas says, "The old technology utilizes two motors to create the complex set of sensations, whereas Immersion's new TouchSense technology utilizes a single motor, but we drive the motor in unique ways so that you can get stronger yet crisper effects." He says the one motor uses less power, "the cost to implement is less expensive than the old tech" and he says they won't charge Sony extra.

Viegas also talked a little about handhelds and implementing rumble into the DS or PSP. Currently Nintendo does not license its vibration tech from Immersion and may be working on their own ways of bringing rumble to the DS. As to whether Immersion might sue Nintendo one day like they did Sony, Viegas says, "We have not yet formally taken a position on whether it's infringing or not infringing any of our IP." Then again, if Nintendo can afford $18 million in Wiimote jackets, licensing some next-gen rumble might be an afterthought for them.

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