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Nintendo shares jump to record high

Jason Dobson

Wall Street reacted favorably towards the House that Mario Built on Wednesday as Nintendo shares rose to a record high before closing up 2.7 percent at ¥64,800 ($555). The surge in stock price echoed Goldman Sachs' decision to cover Nintendo's stocks; the investment bank offered up a "buy" rating with a target share price of ¥71,000 ($609). In addition, and as if to brag, Nintendo raised its earnings expectations for the second time this business year to ¥370 billion, which amazingly is still well below analyst predictions of ¥415 billion.

Nintendo can thank the continuing success of its Wii and Nintendo DS platforms as the drivers behind its most recent success story, while Goldman Sachs lays equal praise at the company's 'talent in creating new markets,' noting that this could bring Nintendo's stock into alignment with that of Apple. Seems reasonable enough to us. Nintendo's product's already look the part, why not go all in?

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