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Philips rolls out SHD9100 wireless headphones


Philips trotted out its SHD9100 wireless headphones back at IFA in August (where we got to check 'em out first hand), but it looks like the company has just now made the cans available to the general public -- in the U.K., at least. According to Pocket-lint, those in the neighborhood should be able to pick them up now for £170, or about $345. Somewhat curiously, Pocket-lint is also reporting that the cans boast a 50-millimeter speaker driver, and not a 40-mm one as we had heard before, as well as a 30 meter range, as opposed to the 40 meters we last heard about. Otherwise, the phones look to be unchanged, with the same promised six hours of listening time and untold levels comfort and sound quality, which we're guessing you'll want to check out for yourself before dropping all those pounds.

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