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Reminder: Tokyo reader meetup tonight, October 4th!

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're all the more excited to see everyone at our Tokyo reader meetup tonight! That is, tomorrow-tonight -- Japan lives a day in the future, remember? Ok, specifically: the event's in Tokyo October 4th, starting around 7:00PM, Japan Standard Time.

However, we do have to warn those considering coming: space is tight, and due to the overwhelming response we've had we may not be able to guarantee everyone's admission -- our apologies in advance!

Tonight's event is ALL AGES and FREE ADMISSION.
We'll also be serving food and bevs.

Tokyo - October 4th, ~7:00PM - 9:00PM, Cerulean Tower (7th floor -- OFFICE section, not hotel)
If you're Nihongo-inclined, please check Engadget Japanese for more information.

English directions (thanks Umijin!)
  • Exit the JR Shibuya station from the "minami" or South exit.
  • Cross the expressway with one of the stairway overpasses. Look for the mammoth building, as above.
  • If you get lost, just ask anyone where Cerulean Tower is -- also, check out the Tower's English site.
  • Remember, you want the business entrance to the 7th floor, not the hotel entrance!
We'd also like to thank our host in Tokyo, Google Japan! [Image by NGU]

Setup video after the break!

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