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HD DVD is more popular on Netflix

Ben Drawbaugh

We've heard a few times from Netflix that HD discs are not a big part of their business and that both formats are about even. Now it seems we were correct to assume that these reports were somewhat inaccurate. What we did get wrong, is that we figured Blu-ray was more popular than HD DVD. It seemed logical to us that since Blu-ray outsold HD DVD two to one, that they'd out rent them too. But in reality it's the other way around and HD DVD is over 2 times more likely to be set as a Netflix subscribers preferred format. While Netflix subscribers can rent both formats, only one can be preferred. The real question is, what does this mean? And is it a good thing? One might argue that people are more likely to buy an inexpensive HD DVD player and rent movies, rather than sit on the side lines; but we'd bet the red camp has a different take on the matter -- especially when you consider their favorite stat to brag about is attach rates.

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