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Razer announces Lycosa keyboard, Piranha headset


If Belkin's new Razer-powered SpeedPad keyboard is a bit too unfamiliar for you, then perhaps Razer's own new Lycosa keyboard will be more to your liking. As you can see, it boasts a full complement of keys to handle those odd non-gaming tasks, although its not without its share of gaming-minded amenities as well. Those include backlighting on the all-important WASD key cluster, a non-slip rubber finish on all the keys, and support for up to 10 different software profiles which you can switch between on the fly. Those looking to stick with Razer for all their gear will also soon be able to get their hands on the company's just-announced Piranha headset, which boasts a noise-filtering microphone, an in-line remote with volume and microphone-muting controls and, of course, that trademark blue glow. Look for it to be available sometime this month for $80, with the keyboard set to follow in November for the same price.

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