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Renault teams up with Nokia for Twingo Nokia special edition

Chris Ziegler

How appropriate that a car not much bigger than a cellphone (okay, that's an exaggeration, but this thing's pretty tiny) would get slapped with Nokia branding, right? Sadly, the integration between the automotive and cellular worlds isn't particularly tight here; Renault hooks up proud new owners of Twingo Nokia special editions with Nokia 6110 Navigators -- perfect for use with the integrated Bluetooth -- but that's about it. There's some sort of "Nokia tech-themed" decal stuck on the Twingo's B-pillar, too, but we're pretty sure that thing would have to get removed right quick if we found ourselves with one of these in the garage. Sorry, Nokia; don't get us wrong, we're happy to take a 6110 off your hands, but no free advertising for you. Especially when it doesn't look badass.

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