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Send in your pics and video from the Engadget Tokyo event!

Ryan Block, @ryan

Tokyo: thanks for coming out! Over 200 people came to hang out Engadget style tonight -- so it's probably not too much to expect you'd have documented something, eh? Send in your pictures and video, we'll throw it up on the site tomorrow in our aftermath post.

Please add your pictures to the Engadget Flickr pool here.
And please add your videos to YouTube as a response to our meetup video (which is posted after the break), or with the tag engadget2007tokyo.

Once again, big ups to our hosts and sponsor Google Japan!

P.S. -Our apologies to those that didn't make it in. We had limited space, but we're extremely grateful you made the trip out to see us, even knowing you might not make it through the door. Let us know who you are next time, we'll hook you up with the VIP treatment.

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