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Yet another anti-snoring pillow on the horizon

Darren Murph

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As if there weren't enough anti-snoring options (let alone ones that fall in the pillow category) already out there, Daryoush Bazargani, professor of computer science at the University of Rostock, has conjured up another. Reportedly, the inventor has developed a "computerized pillow that shifts the head's sleeping position until the noise stops," and he was showing off a prototype at a recent health conference in Germany. The pillow is said to be "attached to a computer, which is the size of a book, rests on a bedside table, and analyzes snoring noises." Subsequently, air compartments within the pillow can be enlarged as needed "to facilitate nasal airflow and minimize snoring." No word on a launch timeframe just yet, but Mr. Bazargani did state that several US outfits had already shown interest.

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