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AMOI outs N8, N800, and N810 Windows Mobile phones; Nokia grumbles

Chris Ziegler

We're about to get our first official taste of China's AMOI in these parts as the UTStarcom 5700's ODM, and if these suckers are any indication, we should be in good shape. The recently-announced N8, N800, and N810 Windows Mobile 6 Professional devices (pictured from left to right) won't likely find their way out of Asia -- which is just as well, considering the lack of 3G and the fact that Nokia might not be too pleased with the naming convention -- but all three are lookers, if we do say so ourselves. The N8 is the only keyboard-sporting handset of the three, while the N800 sets itself apart with a VGA display. GPS, Bluetooth, and 2 megapixel cameras grace the whole lot. It looks like all three are expected to ship this month, but triband GSM / EDGE is a tough pill to swallow, though, ain't it?

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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