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Brewfest update: Barker quests fixed... mostly


The Barker quests for the Brewfest are fixed for almost everyone at this point. Unfortunately, some people are still unable to get credit when riding near flags and Blizzard is looking into it. Blizzard CM Drysc and Event Developer Kisirani have been giving updates for fixing the Bugfest.

If you are still having trouble with a Barker quest, here is some info for making sure it's not you:
  • You can only do one Barker quest a day. Double check your Daily Quest total in your Quest Log to make sure you haven't already completed it.
  • There are two competitors vying for your barking prowess, but once you work for one brewer, the other won't offer you the quest until the next day.
  • If you failed it, you can abandon the quest and try again.
  • You have to be on your Rental Ram when going past the flags or else you will not get credit. Once you get all four flags, however, you can use your mount to race back to the brewer.
More Brewfest updates after the jump...

Kisirani says they are still discussing what to do about the Dark Iron Dwarf attacks and will work on them more tomorrow. If they do come back in some form, you will not be getting the souvenir mugs by waving at the Barmaids.

They have fixed the apple barrels so that multiple people can get their fatigue removed at the same time when near them.

The Pink Elekk quest is a BC quest only. If you don't have the expansion, you cannot get the quest because you cannot travel to the Exodar or Silvermoon. Also, it is a one time only quest.

The Keg Delivery quests can be completed every 12 hours and currently award 3 tickets per keg, but that may be increased upon further review.

I have personally completed all of the currently available quests on both Alliance and Horde characters and didn't hear anyone else complaining about quests not working while I was doing them, which is a big change from yesterday when attempting to do the same thing.

I think the Alliance is definitely the winning faction as far as the Beer Goggle effect. Seeing the world as male gnomes, some of them pink-haired and in naughty lingerie, is worth getting at least 100 tickets to purchase the Goggles.

Were you able to get your target number of tickets today? Or are you done trying to fight the Brewfest bugs?

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