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Majesco picks up Nanostray sequel for 2008

Jason Dobson

Despite what you might have heard, Shin'en's Nanostray 2 is alive and well, as Majesco announced that it will publish the sequel to the portable shooter, or shmup as the kids say, next year for the Nintendo DS. Despite this announcement, however, a firm release date has not yet been confirmed for Nanostray 2 beyond the rather nebulous 'early 2008.'

Majesco also handled publishing for the original Nanostray in 2005, which itself was a spiritual successor to Iridion 3D and Iridion II for the Game Boy Advance, both of which Majesco published as well, so as shockers go, this one hardly registers a blip.

Players looking forward to picking up Nanostray 2 can expect half a dozen game modes, as well as more than 30 different missions (both horizontal and vertical) for both single and two-player gaming. Most interesting, however, is that Nanostray 2 will also finally include internet ranking, a feature announced and later dropped from the original Nanostray, thanks to Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection.

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