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Nintendo's outside PR head lands at Kohnke Communications


Former Nintendo outside PR lead Julia Roether has landed at Kohnke Communications to head their new LA office. Roether left Nintendo's outside PR firm Golin Harris at the same time as Beth Llewelyn of Nintendo corporate peaced out. Although PR people in this industry play musical chairs all the time, this one is pretty significant due to Roether's expertise.

Considering Kohnke paid good money for Roether and opened up a new branch, we're definitely expecting her to make moves for the Kohnke clients. Not to mention that one of Roether's first jobs will probably be to pull in new clients. You don't start a new office with a major name without the expectation of expansion. Definitely something to watch in the coming year. Remember that good PR in this industry has a lot to do with good media coverage -- not everything, but a lot.

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