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Telstra activates 7.2Mbps HSDPA, users rejoice

Darren Murph

We've been hearing that Telstra had the means to deliver some pretty impressive numbers via its Next G HSDPA network, and sure enough, the carrier seems to have finally activated it. According to its website and an independent report, users can now see download speeds ranging from 3Mbps to upwards of 6Mbps, while clocking upload rates between 300Kbps and 1.3Mbps. Telstra claims that users can see peak speeds of 7.2Mbps / 1.9Mbps, but of course, that's under "ideal conditions." So, if you're a Telstra user looking to get in on the high-speed fun, head on out and pick up a 7.2Mbps-class data card, and for those who already own a firmware upgradeable 3.6Mbps-class card, you should be receiving instructions to update shortly.

[Via ITWire, thanks Simon]

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