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Too Human video developer diary coming to Xbox Live

Ross Miller

Just when you thought eight years of development and pending legal fights would keep this Norse-influenced technopunk game down, Too Human is set to resurface on Xbox Live as a six minute, 42 second video diary on the creative process of the game.

Despite their qualms with Unreal Engine 3 licensor Epic Games, the title looks good (though, in the era of BioShock and Mass Effect, nothing breath-taking). However, the footage we saw does seem a bit slow, hinting that the game might not yet be optimized for higher framerates. The concept art is interesting, as is their approach to Norse mythology.

Although we like hearing about their approach, we'd love more to see what specific aspects of the mythology were incorporated and why. Unfortunately, that'd likely spoil the entire first game, so don't expect that video to surface until much, much later, when Too Human finally manages to come out.

According to a press release sent to us by Microsoft PR, the video is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace, although we couldn't find it. In the interim, we've embedded the video above.

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