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Engadget Reader Meetup: The Aftermath (part VI, Tokyo)

Ryan Block, @ryan

Listen, we've just got to say thanks. We got shown some serious love at our Tokyo reader meetup this week, and we're not only really grateful for the 200+ readers who came out to hang out with Engadget (and who took a ton of photos and almost 100 videos), but for the variety of guests we had, including Mr. Yamamitsu (CEO of Thanko), who participated in a live interview, as well as the "lightning talks" round of hackers, homebrewers, modders, researchers, and all around Japanese über-geeks. So, much love to everyone who came out and helped make our Tokyo event pop off!

P.S. -Oh, and check out some videos after the break. And stay tuned for further details on the SF Engadget reader meetup this week.

Gallery: Engadget Reader Meetup: The Aftermath (part VI, Tokyo) | 29 Photos

Plenty more Engadget event videos from Hogegashi here.

Also, plenty more Engadget event videos from biquillo here.

We think mk23us takes home the prize for most Tokyo event videos, though at 20+.

Plenty more photos over at the Engadget Flickr pool, and tons more videos on YouTube!

[Photos posted here by (in no particular order): CcdJ, tomo honeycomb, Andrew Shuttleworth, biquillo, umijin, CJHtxgeek, and us]

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