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Frankie talks Bungie's independence

Dustin Burg

The very interesting and somewhat confusing news of Bungie leaving the comforts of Microsoft and going independent has shocked and awed the gaming world, but what exactly does it mean for everyone involved? Well, according to Frankie in an interview with Game Informer not too much will change and he says it will actually benefit both parties in the long run.

In his sit down with Game Informer Frankie talks about the future of the studio, where they're headed, how their operations will work and goes on to give praise to Microsoft saying that they've been extremely supportive of their decision to go independent. Mr. O'Connor also confirms the fact that they'll still be publishing under Microsoft Game Studios and that their future projects will revolve mostly around Microsoft platforms. Yes, it's still a somewhat odd and head cocking arrangement that has been set up that leaves a lot vagueness in the air, but if you're curious to know what we think this is how we see it: In general, Bungie (post Halo 3) wants to create other IPs and the only way for them to feel free to do so is to not be held back by Microsoft's Halo shackles. So, both companies agreed, they gave each other a big hug and continue to be best friends forever while Bungie technically becomes an independent studio. Sounds good to us, how about you?

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