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Joystiq Podcast Roundtable: Bungie jumps

Some of our favorite podcasts (like the old Fat Pixels podcasts and XPlatform) are roundtable format and, really, why not? Gather some thoughtful panelists and have them talk it out; you're practically guaranteed to find interesting discussion. So, with that in mind, we introduce the inaugural installment of the Joystiq Podcast Roundtable!

This past Friday, we asked several of our favorite games journalists to lend us thirty minutes of their time to help digest Friday's Bungie megatons. "Seated" at the roundtable are Dean Takahashi, author of The Xbox 360 Uncloaked and Opening the Xbox and a writer for the San Jose Mercury News; N'Gai Croal, a general editor at Newsweek and author of the stellar Level Up blog; and Stephen Totilo, MTV News' games reporter and contributor to their similarly stellar Multiplayer blog. Topics discussed include the rumor, the relationship, the IP, the followup, the platform, and (of course!) the reason, so give it a listen.

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