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New iPhone ads showing up on TV today


It's football season, and you know what that means: new iPhone ads? Yes, apparently there are three new ads, starring Doug, Elliot and Stephano, all shot in a variant of the Errol Morris "Switch" campaign style. In these ads, the (apparently real, and possibly recruited online) iPhone users are standing in front of a black backdrop, relating the ways in which iPhone has changed their lives for the better. At the end of each ad, you see the backdrop in wide shot, with the surrounding street scene visible.

A quick review of the final shots indicates that all three ads were filmed in New York City (I can't be 100% sure about Doug, although it might be on West 24th Street...). Elliot is on Fulton St. in Lower Manhattan downtown Brooklyn, and Stephano's body shop appears to be in Chelsea, judging from the presence of a bit of the High Line crossing over the street and the sight of the US Postal Service facility (the distinctive red, black and white building) in the right-hand side at the end of the street. A bit of Google Maps investigation leads us to 506 West 25th Street, where you can see the "ED Auto Designs" awning right where you'd expect. Of course, all these shooting locations are within a cab ride of the new Meatpacking Apple Store under construction...

Thanks to all who sent this in.

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