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O2 launches "unlimited" data plans for the rest of us

Darren Murph

It was practically a foregone conclusion, but O2 has finally revealed pricing on "unlimited" data Bolt Ons for mobiles not dubbed iPhone. Unfortunately, the word unlimited has a very interesting meaning in this scenario, as Pay & Go users who purchase the plan for £7.50 ($15) / month are told to keep their usage under 200MB per period, or else O2 could cancel their service or charge more to compensate. Moreover, the £30 ($61) Web Max package is available for monthly subscribers and to those who'd like to tether their mobile to a PC, but alas, you better not exceed 3GB of usage per month unless you'd like to be monitored and / or slapped on the wrist. Lastly, the Unlimited BlackBerry plan will run you £10 ($20) per month, but is still guarded by a 200MB quasi-limit.

[Via mocoNews]

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