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Atari board axed, CEO believes Atari name means something good


Like Bartleby and Loki in the Mooby boardroom (video found after the break), Infogrames -- which owns Atari and rocks our world -- has ejected most of the Atari board. Five Atari directors were axed, three will remain, and new directors will join -- along with the creation of a "chief restructuring officer." The plan to overhaul Atari has been in the works for a while as the company continues to pathetically lose money during this time of financial fortitude in the industry.

Infogrames CEO Patrick Leleu says the new board is expected to improve finances, revive publishing initiatives, improve distribution and leverage the Atari name. Maybe we're not drinking the hallucinogenic high-end scotch that Leleu is, but fixing the Atari brand is like asking a leper to pull himself together. In the meantime Atari is sure to keep those delays coming. Maybe it's time to start fresh with a completely new name and stop running the company like it's still amateur hour in the video games industry circa 1983.

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