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    Canon's PowerShot G9 gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Those upset with Canon over its exclusion of RAW in the PowerShot G7 will find their biggest gripe squashed in the G9, and just in case you're interested in seeing how this uniquely designed amateur cam held up to critiques, here's the skinny. Reviewers were understandably elated to be able to capture shots in RAW and tweak till their hearts were content, but also noteworthy were the excellent results found by simply switching to Auto mode and taking a load off. It was suggested that this camera "not only makes you feel like a better photographer, but helps you become one too," referring to the wealth of functions that catered to both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a noticeable amount of noise when the ISO exceeded 400, and while it was built for abuse, you should know that it was deemed "one of weightiest, most brick-like compacts out there." Overall, the G9 was dubbed hard to beat, and if you're scouting a solid DSLR backup, you should certainly give the read link a bit of your attention.

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