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Good boys and girls don't leave their Xbox 360s on the stove

Ryan Block, @ryan

As reader Ty claims, apparently the above Xbox 360 melting occurred when he and his pals, setting up to conduct a furious Halo 3 LAN match, ran out of space enough for an Xbox everywhere in the house except on the kitchen stove. Someone turns the range on and presto change-o: grilled Xbox. Ok, the story doesn't quite add up, but there's no denying the box is melted. And that leaves us preoccupied with wrapping our heads deciding what's more mind-blowingly ironic: that the melted console's owner cared enough about heat that he kitted his Xbox with a 3rd party cooling device, or that despite it all, this particular ring of death apparently didn't even brick the thing.

P.S. -Additional gooey meltiness after the break.

[Thanks, Ty]

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