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HD DVD and Blu-ray releases on October 9th, 2007

Ben Drawbaugh

With a little help from Fox, Blu-ray has pulled within ten of HD DVD's lead. Without any additional releases Blu-ray will regain the lead by the end of October, but most of Fox's help is in the way of catalog titles. One catalog title that has long been in the making from MGM is Robocop, which was originally slated for August of 2006. There are three day-and-date releases this week including the highly IMDB rated (8.1) Reign Over Me and the kids movie Surf's Up -- both from Sony. Meanwhile, Universal's day-and-date title this week is Evan Almighty. There are a few independent movies this week, not available for either format, but what we really missed last week was that Disney held out on the Blu-ray camp, when they took Jungle Book out of the vault for non-HD world.

HD DVD 306 vs Blu-ray 297 *


*Blu-ray total does not reflects 32 Paramount titles that were previously available.

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