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Life after Warcraft for one of its most venerable podcasts

Eric Vice

There are a lot of good World of Warcraft podcasts out there, including our own. There are a few though that are really considered pioneers, and I think Taverncast is probably one of them. Despite their extremely erratic production schedule, they've been around longer than most and the quality of their production has always been top-shelf.

Yesterday, they released their final "exclusively" WoW-themed podcast. Eloy explains in his blog that several changes in the lives of the cast have brought about this change, most notably that only one of them still plays the game on a regular basis.

The podcast will continue though, it will just be less WoW-centric. As one of their long-time fans, I know they will continue to rock with whatever content they choose to focus on.

Finally, on a personal note to Infernal Bill, Cromley, Eloy, and Kirnkaterre... I hope you enjoyed the voicemail I left for you. It comes with love from one of your Canadian fans. (You'll have to listen to TC32 to understand the Canadian connection.)

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