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This Wednesday: Puzzle Quest and Toyota advergame hit XBLA


As was revealed over the weekend, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is finally gracing Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday. A fee of 1,200 MS Points ($15) allows entry into the kingdom where warring men and beasts settle things not by clanging swords, but politely manipulating colored tiles. The price of such civility may seem puzzling, but the digitally distributed form seems to offer the most features (examine them after the break) at the lowest price.

Wednesday sees another game arrive at the lowest price, specifically $0. In what is sure to be a vortex for game of the year accolades, Toyota's "Yaris" advergame allows you to test drive the eponymous vehicle from the comfort of your couch. You'll dodge robotic rabbits, engage in the exciting "Yaris vs. Yaris" mode and even upgrade the "protective shielding" you're surprised Toyota hasn't made more of an effort to market. Unfortunately, this game is only available to Live subscribers in the US and Canada.

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Puzzle Quest
XBLA features and changes

- Online multiplayer & matchmaking service over Xbox LIVE ArcadeA full-featured presentation of the Xbox LIVE
- Arcade game services including:
o Ranked Multiplayer games
o Custom Game Searches & Quick Games
o Support for friends & game invites
o Voice Chat
o High Score Tables
o Rich Presence that shows if friends are playing and what they are doing in the game
- Achievements
- Re-play monster capture puzzles just for fun any time after you have completed them once
- Specifically build up multiplayer-focused heroes without participating in the story by
o Accessing your citadel outside of the main story (for learning spells, forging items & training mounts)
o Capturing "unlocked" monsters outside of the main story
o Purchasing "unlocked" runes outside of the main story
- Powerful spells now have a "recharge time" – a number of turns before you can cast them again
- Turn off the hint arrow if preferred
- Access to two free gamer pictures
- Some runes, spells & items have been optimized and balanced for XBLA
- Local Multiplayer (2 players – 1 console)

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