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World's oldest Halo 3 player found

Kevin Kelly

Dean Takahasi of The San Jose Mercury News (and recent panelist on the Joystiq Podcast Roundtable) has apparently found the world's oldest person playing Halo 3, and it looks like that honor falls to a 95-year-old Japanese grandmother.

Sure, her gaming skillz look a bit weak, but we've seen younger players do just as poorly the first few times they played. We wonder if she's gaming online at all, because she dishes out some smack talk to the TV at one point ... at least, we assume it's smack. Plus she might want to sit a bit further back or else she'll need glasses. Oh, wait.

If you've got an older Halo 3 gamer in your life, let us know about it. Better yet, drop some suggestions in the comments for what this player's gamertag should be.

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