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Does this armor match my Needler?

Dustin Burg

Have you ever dreamt about the perfect Halo 3 armor permutation? You know, armor that you may not have unlocked yet, various colors, maybe a spiffy new Hayabusa helmet too? Well, you're Spartan dress-up fantasies are now a reality, because garbageman has the perfect solution, the Halo 3 Player Model Generator.

The model generator uses's armor preview options allowing anyone to preview any set of armor permutations. You can change out armor colors, helmets, shoulder pads and chest plates all with the click of a button. And, as an added bonus, you can search for a player's Gamertag to see what armor permutations they chose. Even cooler yet (yup, it gets better) is that the generator tells you what you must do to unlock the various armor pieces that you decked your Spartan in. It's crazy useful and crazy fun ... now about the website's UI.

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