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First Halo 3 matchmaking playlist update rolls out

Dustin Burg

Sound the trumpets and alert your neighbors, because today marks another first in Halo 3's long legacy ... the first roll out of a matchmaking update!

Today Bungie announced a few changes to Halo 3's matchmaking that are in effect right now and were changed using all the data they mined from gamers' online habits. Changes include the reduction of shotty-snipers in Team Slayer, when shotty-snipers is vetoed another shotty-snipers will not appear, Big Team Battle now houses 16 player versus, one sided VIP games will now supply a VIP indicator for the defensive team and Lone Wolves will feature more straight-up slayer gametypes. Phew! As you can see, the changes are quite minimal, but we are welcoming them with open arms, because more straight-up slayer in Team Slayer and Lone Wolves makes us happy Halo 3 players.

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