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Soldier of Fortune: Payback will tear you apart

Dustin Burg

Activision just announced another installment into the Soldier of Fortune franchise and if the in-game footage above is any inclination to what the game has to offer, then we're in for a bloody good time.

Soldier of Fortune: Payback is set to release this November and will feature thirty plus weapons, a plentiful array of weapons and the typical mercenaries gameplay Soldier of Fortune games offer up. But let's get back to the in-game footage as seen in the video embedded above. Do you see the amount of blood that comes out of those guys, how their legs, arms, and heads pop off and how they crawl in agony on the ground legless, grasping for help? That's butter! And even though we aren't sure how good the game will end up being as a whole, we can definitely say that we enjoy the bloody dismemberment effects. Next-gen dismemberment FTW!

[Thanks, THA1icarus]

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