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Trauma Center: New Blood box art keeps things simple

Jason Dobson

In the battle for retail shelf eye candy, there are some games that prefer to go the rout of foil-embossed cardboard slip covers, while others prefer a more subtle, tasteful approach. Take for example Atlus' upcoming Trauma Center: New Blood for the Wii, which replaces the anime styling of the first game's box art with a plain cross as if to say 'I'm the medicine Wii owners have been searching for.'

Interestingly, the box also carries the logo for Nintendo's free Wi-Fi Connection service, though despite the addition of local multiplayer, a quick call to Atlus confirmed that New Blood's online influence will only be felt through leaderboards, meaning if you want to throw down scalpels over a patient with a debilitating hematoma, you'd best be prepared to do it side by side.

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