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DirecTV launches yet another 5 HD channels

Ben Drawbaugh

DirecTV has been telling us that they'd add a lot of HD channels this year and they've come through with a total of 37 new HD channels in the past three weeks. Today there are two that are new to everyone and two old favorites -- and one that was added late last week. First up is CNBC HD, which we gave all the flack to for not actually doing video in HD, but we have to say they've made the most out of what they have, and can even do three SD shots in a single frame, all while displaying plenty of info with HD graphics. MGM HD is also up today and we just love it when movies are presented in their original aspect ratio. We did look ahead in the schedule and it appears MGM HD has a good mix of movies, but most of them are older. Since last Wednesday they also added MHD, so we'll go ahead and throw that in as well. And finally a few old favorites for other providers with National Geographic Channel HD and Food Network HD which is for some reason on 231-1. We've updated our DirecTV gallery with these new channels as well.

  1. Food Network (Channel 231-1)
  2. MGM (Channel 255)
  3. National Geographic (Channel 276)
  4. CNBC (Channel 355)
  5. MHD (Channel 332)

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