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Guildwatch: Salute to guildleaders

Mike Schramm

Who are these poor souls who lead our guilds, who gladly (in most cases) take on what is definitely a part time job (if not full time) in order to outfit 25 people with epic gear and provide an online social outlet? Who are these folks, that they bend over backwards to make everyone they've /ginvited happy and sometimes get so stressed that they, for lack of a better term, flip out and /gdisband? We don't know where you guildleaders get your drive from, but from signing the charter to /gkicking everyone and ninja-ing the guild bank, we salute you.

Time once again for Guildwatch, your weekly look at drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. As always, your tips fuel this space-- send them (anonymous or otherwise) to Click the link below to see today's GW.


  • One final update from Winchester, the Paladin (now of Condemned on Shattered Halls-A who was trying to solo tank the entirety of Karazhan. He's got everything down except Netherspite, and that debuff is giving him too much trouble. Other than that, though, everything else is his, and his alone-- the healers have to pay attention on Ghostly Stewards, Moroes (obviously-- he asked the casters to stand away a little bit in order to deal with Blind and Gouge), and Skeletal Ushers, but if he gets Romulo and Julianne (apparently it's tough to keep aggro on both of them but he can do it), he can solo tank the whole thing as a Paladin. Very impressive-- if possible, I'd love to see a video of exactly how it's done. And someone else wrote in about a Paladin named Dreamevil in Fifth Street on Gnomeregan who apparently will tank anything you throw at him. So I'm convinced-- Paladins can tank. I just haven't seen it personally yet. Coincidentally, I was in a PUG just this afternoon to do Heroic Mechanar, and a Paladin tanked the first few pulls very admirably. Except someone (not me) accidentally aggroed, we half wiped, and the Pally disconnected on us. So yeah, I haven't seen a real Paladin tanking run yet.
  • In other news, Guildwatch got an invite to the WotLK beta! So long suckers, we're headed to level 80!
  • Oh man, drama is going down big on Mok'nathal. They're a BC server, and they're just now getting around to the AQ Gate opening event, where you have to do a long chain to ring a gong outside of AQ. Someone named Fooman was apparently casually working through the questline, and a few other members of the realm were helping him out, led by the guild Resurrected. But a little while ago, someone named Jugador transferred on to the realm, and his guild SiNiX swept in and rang the gong themselves, late at night when no one else was ready or around to see it. Now, other members of the realm are unhappy about this-- apparently a raid was formed when it was discovered SiNiX was working on the quests to stop them, but to no avail. And they're all saying that Jugador, a transfer, robbed the realm of one of the coolest events in WoW. Apparently Fooman got the quest done real quick, and still got his scepter and title in time, so that's good, but still, Jugador opened the gates at 3 am, and almost no one saw the event itself.
  • More drama rumors from Haven on EU Azjol-Neru. Our anonymous tipster says that things are falling apart over there-- the guildleader invited someone into the guild that other members didn't want around, causing the Priest class leader to /gquit, and problems with raiding have forced two main tanks to quit as well. This ship is sinking, says our tipster.
  • The largest guild on Kirin Tor-H is, we're told, no more. The Rainmakers split up following arguments about recruiting policies and lack of raiding (they were only raiding six hours a week). A few members have reformed as Remnant to get a new start.
  • Society of Shadows on Firetree-H had a little drama-- an officer didn't like the GM bad-mouthing someone who'd /gquit the guild, so he went on a /gkicking rampage of his own, clearing out the lowbies, and even /gkicking the GM's alt.
  • I think this is the first "girl drama" tip we've had from the girl who supposedly caused the drama. "Apparently," says our tipster, "I'm a flirt, and cute," and her "outgoing personality" caused a lot of male guild members to spend time following her around, jumping on vent to speak with her, and so on. One day, she logged on to find out that she'd been /gkicked, because the GM supposedly believed she was singlehandledly keeping them from raid progressing. The joke's on him, though-- after she was kicked, people started quitting when they found out she wasn't around any more, and the entire 125 person guild fell apart. "I'm wondering," she says, "if it is possible for one woman to be the complete downfall of a guild." Well, is it?
  • Here's a pretty cool downed story-- Kael'thas got downed by Accidentally over on EU Burning Legion (not by accident-- they had a good plan), and it was the culmination of the entire four months the guild has been around. Very cool, and even better, the Phoenix mount dropped, and Viremorth, who I gather started the guild months ago, got it. You can see their triumph in the pic above.
  • Intensity on Kilrogg killed the Lurker Below, and they're looking for a few more to fill out their ranks as well.
  • Risen on Proudmoore-A spent all day last Saturday and half of Sunday raiding Kael'thas, but it all paid off. They downed him after a whopping eight hours of attempts (I don't know how you guys did it-- my eyes would be melting out of my head by that point). And then, just for kicks, they went and two-shotted Rage Winterchill. Grats and all, but get some sleep!
  • My raiding brethren on Thunderhorn-H, quiXotic, one-shotted Maulgar for the first time in a while, and then dropped Gruul. Congrats fellow Thorners!
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A has dropped Loot Reaver. At least that's what they're calling him now-- he's like a big loot pinata.
  • Army of Darkness had been stuck on Moroes for a while, but no more-- they toppled the Steward of Karazhan, and then went on to finish off the Wizard of Oz event, and Curator.
  • Dark Fist on Argent Dawn-A downed Tidewalker. Like most of Azeroth's denizens, they say they, too, hate murlocs.
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A, finished off Hydross for an Alliance realm first! Grats! Lurker, in the parlance of our times, you're on notice. This aggression will not stand!
  • Exiles on Medivh says "sup GW" (they're cool like that) and that they've downed Void Reaver. Lurker is on notice for these guys, too, so watch your back, TLB.
  • Brotherhood of Nod on Burning Blade-H is an Aussie/NZ/West Coast/up-all-night East Coast guild that raids starting at 3 am server! They're working through Karazhan, and could use some good healers and DPS to back them up.
  • StarGazer Clan on Elune-A is recruiting a Lock, a Mage, and Holy Priest and Pallys and Resto Druids and Shamans for farming Gruul and Karazhan and heading into SSC. They're short on drama and high on fun, and apparently "9 out of 10 First Aid trainers recommend us as an essential part of a healthy start to any WoW day!" I don't know where that science comes from, though-- probably not approved by the FDA.
  • Awesome Lowbies (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is a UK-based guild on EU Dragonmaw looking for a few more rowdy Europeans to build up a second Kara group and head into Gruul's Lair.
  • Reforged is a late-night raiding guild on Runetotem-H, and they're looking for a well-geared Prot Warrior to raid three nights a week with them in SSC and TK. Nice work if you can get it.
  • Six Feet Under on Muradin-A (EU, I think) is looking for Mages, Warlocks, and anyone else willing to join them in taking on the 25 man content. They raid weekdays between 10 and 2 pacific time, so unemployed slackers only (I kid!).
  • TheFallen on Burning Legion is looking for a few mature, well-geared members to help them out with raiding Gruul's and beyond.
  • Naked Ambition on Llane is recruiting 70s to kill Netherspite, fill out a second Karazhan guild, and eventually head off into the great 25 man beyond (although I'm sure Zul'Aman will get some traffic as well). Look them up if you're on Llane and LFG.
  • Eternal Darkness on Terokkar-H is looking for Priests and other healers 40+ to reach 70 and start the endgame with them.
That's it for this week's GW. Lots of good news and notices this week (last week the pickings were a little slim, I'll admit. Keep it up-- send all your juicy drama, downed, and recruiting news to Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

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