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iPhone and iPod touch v1.1.1 full jailbreak posted

Ryan Block, @ryan

Here it is folks, the TIFF image we tested that exploits firmware v1.1.1, giving you full root level file access to your iPhone (without upgrading from v1.0.2) and iPod touch. Before you click the link, note the caveats:
  • This may open up file system access, but it's not a primetime hack, meaning it's not so graceful as to simplify the installation of AppTapp or anything. Once you get file system access you're kind of on your own to get apps working.
  • Don't hold us responsible if it damages or bricks your device.
  • You might be able use this on an unactivated v1.1.1 iPhone from Safari, but it's a hella tricky technique. Good luck with this one! [Via TUAW, thanks Camron!]
  • Please don't hold us responsible if it damages or bricks your device.
  • Apple will more than likely fix this vulnerability with v1.1.2, or whatever its next firmware version will be. When that happens we'll all be back to the same spot we were the day v1.1.1 was released. So know this is a temporary technique, unless you're committed to using v1.1.1 from here on out.
  • We are so not responsible if it damages or bricks your device.
  • None of this will help the sad reality that iUnlock and anySIM still disable the cell radio in v1.1.1, so use those apps at your own risk once you break on through to the other side.
Good luck!

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